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About The Cannabinoid Company

We started The Cannabinoid Company because we realised how difficult it is to buy CBD in the UK from a trusted supplier with assurance and confidence.

Our goal was to provide the best quality CBD on the market. We worked with labs, experts in CBD, as well as public health professionals to understand:

  • The scientific nature of CBD, including the various cannabinoids that exist within hemp. We considered the scientific studies that have been conducted with regard to the effect of CBD on the human body.
  • The wider legislative environment with regards to CBD in the UK.

Our team are highly trained experts and work in controlled environments to produce premium quality hemp. We extract the finest quality cannabinoid resin to make this oil.Once the oil is produced, it goes to an independent laboratory for testing. Here it is certified for authenticity and safe oral consumption. Our oil is 100% natural, pure and vegan friendly.