CBD Coffee – Columbian Bean


Single Origin Colombian Bean Coffee infused with organic full spectrum CBD extract.

Flavour notes: Toffee, walnut with a light citrus zest. A balanced cup with muted acidity fading to a sweeter, smooth finish.

Try our premium CBD infused coffee. Each 7g serving contains 7mg of CBD.



Country:        Columbia

Region:          San Agustin

Elevation:      1600-1850 MASL

Processed:    Washed

Roast:            Medium

Profile:           Medium Body



Single origin Columbian coffee bean, organic full spectrum hemp extract.

Coffee Content: 100 Grams (approx. 14 – 15 cups)

CBD Content: 100 MG

Our CBD coffee product will display exactly how much full spectrum CBD is in each gram of coffee. So you know exactly how much you’re taking. Note that ingestion can take longer to take effect than oil or vaping.