CBD Oil 5%


  • 5% (500mg)
  • Full spectrum
  • CBD + CBDa
  • CO2 extracted
  • 10ml

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Our 5% CBD Oil contains:

  • 500 mg of CBD Hemp Extract per bottle
  • 2.5 mg CBD Hemp Extract per drop

Our 5% organic CBD oil is a good option for those looking to try CBD for the first time. It is an ideal introductory product. The 5% concentration of CBD hemp extract is the lowest we provide. We wouldn’t recommend a concentration lower than this, as the amount of CBD hemp extract would be insignificant to have any tangible effect.

The 5% organic CBD oil is a fantastic starting point to trial the effects of CBD. It will allow you to establish whether the CBD hemp oil makes any marginal or noticeable differences.

Our process

Every step of our process, from plant to you is designed to bring you the highest quality organic CBD product:

  • We source the best quality hemp available. It is grown in a natural environment in the Netherlands, with exposure to the sun, clean air and soil that is free from pesticides.
  • When harvested, the CBD is extracted from Hemp using the SuperCritical CO2 extraction method. This ensures the strongest cannabinoid profile with additional compounds to enhance the overall quality of the oil.
  • The extract is then tested for its cannabinoid profile.
  • The extract is homogenised with our chosen carrier oil: our organic Greek olive oil. Olive oil gives the best bioavailability and is also a high quality olive oil which blends perfectly and consistently with our CBD hemp extract.
  • This blend is then tested to ensure the quantities have reached the desired amount for each available strength.
  • When ready and tested, our organic CBD oil is bottled and packed from our UK site and ready to be delivered swiftly to you.