CBD Tea – English Breakfast


The finest Assam and Ceylon tea leaves infused with organic full spectrum CBD extract.

A brisk malty flavour complemented by light citrus tones and a mild almond finish.

Try our premium CBD tea. Each tea bag contains 1.7g of tea with 3.4mg of CBD.



Origin:                      Northern India, Sri Lanka

Appearance:            Long large leaf, few tips

Water Temp:           90-95°C

Brewing Time:         5 mins

Aroma:                     Full bodied tea. Highly fragrant



Organic full spectrum CBD extract. Assam tea leaves. Ceylon tea leaves.

10 x Tea Bags

Each bag contains 3.4MG CBD

Total CBD Content: 34MG CBD

Our English Breakfast CBD Tea product will display exactly how much full spectrum CBD is in each tea bag. So you know exactly how much you’re taking. Note that ingestion can take longer to take effect than oil or vaping.