CBD Tea – Turmeric & Ginger


Full bodied and fragrant tea with fruits, herbs and spices infused with organic full spectrum CBD extract. Uplifting blend with a subtle ginger punch. An aromatic earthy tisane with light notes of orange and mango.

Try our high CBD hemp tea. Each tea bag contains 1.7g of tea with 3.4mg of CBD.



Origin:                      Various

Appearance:            Fruits, Herbs and Spices

Water Temp:           95-100°C

Brewing Time:         5-7 mins

Aroma:                     Full bodied tea. Very fragrant



Organic full spectrum CBD extract. Apple pieces, rose hips, turmeric, cinnamon bark, ginger root, orange peels, natural mango flavour, marigold flowers, natural orange flavour, mango pieces and black peppercorn.


10 x Tea Bags

Each bag contains 3.4MG CBD

Total CBD Content: 34MG CBD


Our Tumeric & Ginger high CBD hemp tea product will display exactly how much CBD is in each tea bag. So you know exactly how much you’re taking. Note that ingestion can take longer to take effect than oil or vaping.