CBD Oil 20%


  • 20% (2000mg)
  • Full spectrum
  • CBD + CBDa
  • CO2 extracted
  • 10ml

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Our 20% CBD Oil contains:

  • 2000 mg of CBD Hemp Extract per bottle
  • 10 mg CBD Hemp Extract per drop

Our 20% CBD oil is the highest strength we provide. It is also consistently our most popular product with the highest demand. This high strength CBD oil performs exceptionally well for those who have tried lower strengths and identified a noticeable improvement. Ideal for those who want to sustain a regular and frequent dose of high CBD hemp oil as part of their daily routine.

Your CBD purchase

  • You will receive your purchase in an easy-to-use 10ml dropper bottle with pipette, so you can manage your dosage with ease and care. We provide clear usage instructions on the packaging and our bottles come tamper-proof and factory sealed.
  • We take great care in ensuring that our oil is of the highest standard and quality. Our tried-and-tested product offers great results and we are confident enough to offer a money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

Difference between strengths

The milligram and percentage content relates to the quantities of CBD hemp extract found within each product. This is an important distinction to consider when buying from us or anywhere else.

Within the CBD hemp extract, the proportions of cannabinoids found vary. A full spectrum CO2 extract is considered the best available quality. Within it, the CBD value should be relatively high, but other cannabinoids will be present such as CBDa or CBG. Ensuring the correct amount of legal cannabinoids and prohibited cannabinoids is important. It is unlikely that anyone claiming to have a significant % of CBD alone can do this and have a full spectrum product within the legal requirements. The breakdown of the cannabinoid content of the CBD hemp extract we use is available in verified lab reports.